How To Patent Your Invention

Now That You Will Be Getting Your Patent You Will Need to Have Your Invention manufactured..

Sadly (for the USA), the best place, on the planet, to manufacture a product is China and not the USA. As such I have found myself going to China to have products made… Why? Because the customer service is EXTRAORDINARY, they answer their e-mails IMMEDIATELY, they give high quality service, they are fast, they are honest, the shipping is cheap, their delivery is fast, and their prices are better. Don’t get me wrong… I am all about supporting the USA but when the quality of service of manufacturing facilities has dropped to a level where you have to call a company, because they will not answer their e-mails, and you get an automated, endless loop, answering machine, and then you get Bill, who hates his job, then Bill tells Sam to call you back but Sam is out golfing… You get the idea. It is, unfortunately, the way most American businesses are run. If they are not run this way their prices are so outrageously high that it is impossible to work with them. I remain hopeful that folks in the USA “wake up” for the benefit of our economy, but until they do I am continuing to work with China.

Book on Importing From China (Having your invention made in China)

In any case, I have had EXTRAORDINARY luck with working with China but the hard part was to find the right company. I found who I wanted from a simple eBook and downloaded all the files with directories of everyone. My niche was machining and I found my favorite place from the eBook. You can get it here: Click to Review and See if you want to order Book on Importing From China

Do not worry if the book looks like it is only for buying purses and reselling them! The book gives you the companies that make purses so they can make a purse EXACTLY the way you want. Heck, they can copy just about ANYTHING.

Here is some of their promotional information:

Importing From China In This Easy To Follow Guide You Will Discover How To Get The Massive Savings From Having Your Products Manufactured In China.

IMPORTING FROM CHINA . How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt is your personal importation assistant walking you through the entire process from beginning to end. Thousands of companies worldwide use these strategies every year to cut costs and souce product from China so they can get an edge in the marketplace. Now you can too.

This comprehensive step-by-step manual by award-winning international businesswoman, Lindy Chen is THE tool that will get your business where you want it to be by importing goods from China:

Here is the link:Click to Review and See if you want to order Book on Importing From China

If you need further help please contact me and watch for e-mails on patent issues that I may send from time to time. I do work with some of the “Big Guys” but they are not the predators… I have checked them out… Heck, some folks just have lots of money to do their patents and do not mind sharing a little more. Not a bad concept!

If you need help finding a super cheap patent attorney I have a collection of attorneys that I can choose from based on what you want to do. When I refer you to them I get a commission of sorts which is why I do not put the names in this document. I also need to know what your patent is on and am happy to sign the NDA to protect you. However, I URGE you to get your PROVISIONAL BEFORE you contact folks! It is that important!

Now That You are On Your Way To Getting Your Patent You Need To Get Your Product Made.. See What I Have For You Below.....

Instructions Order Link
Discover the best contacts to Import From China to make your new product. This is an EXCEPTIONAL value and will turn you into an EXPERT! This comprehensive step-by-step manual by award-winning international businesswoman, Lindy Chen is THE tool that will get your new patent where you want it to be by importing your custom designed goods from China. This book is $47.00 and is available immdeiately after you pay.

Thanks for reading!

Dave Korpi


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