Inventors Dave & Mike Jordan have successfully taken 14 unique ideas to market over the past 10 years. And to help you, the inventor take your idea to market, they developed this video lesson series that will guide you every step of the way. This is an introduction video to the online video series and other training resources.

I thought of an idea for a product a few years ago and never pursued it. I now discovered a similar product for sale but it is patent pending. Since this is a provisional patent application, can I somehow search to see if a non-provisional patent was filed?

Also can I file for a provisional, then eventually a non-provisional if my product is slightly different than theirs therefore not infringing on their property rights?

Thank you so much!!

filing a provisional patent application

Are you are a hobbyist, hacker, maker, or garage engineer with a great product idea? Dave gives you his Top 5 tips for bringing your product to market. And a bonus Top 5 reasons to avoid patents. Copyright, Marketing, Advertising, Protection, and Creative Commons Open Source all get a look in. Watch all the Patent and Invention ads ironically popup over this video! The Creative Commons licenses available:

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